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Olusamokun Abdulmubdi
Full Name - Olusamokun Abdulmubdi
Brief about you - | Islam Propagator | A Motivational Speaker | An Educator | A Graphic Designer | A Preacher | _???? ??? ???, ?????? ??? ????_
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The Almighty possesses a perspective that reaches far beyond our limited understanding, and His knowledge encompasses everything. Therefore, when He intervenes and alters our carefully laid-out plans, it is essential to place our trust in Him. And it is crucial to remain attentive to the signs and guidance He provides.
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Growth is a process, so be patient.

You may not be where you want to be just yet, but you're getting closer each day. Just continue to put in sincere efforts.

Seek the help of the Almighty, believe in Him and be patient. Surely, He is with the patient.
Don't give up on your business just because the people around constantly discourage you or don't support you

The world is full of strangers who are rooting for you... Always remember that.

But first, you will have to show those strangers that you're rooting for them too.
The world needs more people like you. So keep seeing the good in everyone and keep spreading your love without fear."

"People may take it for granted or take advantage of it, but promise me you'll never change because of it. Never assume it's a weakness to give love as openly as you do. Some of the most amazing individuals you'll come across in this life are the kind that never let the bad change the good in th
'If you do not value yourself, who will?'

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'If you do not value yourself, who will?' Wat

Get up, stop procrastinating. Take action, stop waiting.

Commit to taking action, though it feels uncomfortable.Invest in yourself. See, everything you desire lies on the other side of fear.Too many people are trying to avoid these bad feelings.

But what

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