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Wolfgang Patric (@wolfang14)
11 months ago

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Tuko tayari mkuu!
10 months ago
1. SIAL composed of silica and aluminium while SIMA composed of silica and magnesium.
2. SIAL made the continents while SIMA made the ocean floors.
3. SIAL is the upper layer of the earth 🌎 while SIMA is the lower part of the earth.
4. SIAL have lower density which is about 2.7g/cc while SIMA have density of 3.0g/cc.
10 months ago
Its true that SIAL and SIMA forms the earth's crust but each have different from one another....these differences are;-
1;-SIAL forms the earth's continent while SIMA forms the earth's ocean.
2;- SIAL is composed of granitic rocks which are rich of Silica and Alluminium while SIMA is composed of baulsatic rocks which is rich of Silica and Magnesium.
3;-SIAL lies above the SIMA while SIMA lies beneath the SIAL.
10 months ago
Sial is a combination of silica and alumina and it is found in the continent crust while SIMA is a combination of silica and magnesium and it is found in the oceanic crust
10 months ago
1 sial is the outer most layer of the Earth's planet while the sima is beneath layer of the sial in the Earth's crust
2 The rocks which are being
composed by the sial are silican and aluminium while sima composed of basaltic in nature
3sial has density about 2.70g/cm³ while sima has density about 2.9g/cm³
4sial normally is the layer that form the continent while sima is the layer that form ocean
5The sima has composed about 25-30km while sial composed about 20km
10 months ago
It's true that SIAL and SIMA form the crust which is the part of the earth's lithosphere, but there different as follows;
a) SIAL has a density of about 2.7g/cc but SIMA has a density of 3.0g/cc.
b)SIAL is the layer rich in silica and aluminium thus why is called SIAL but SIMA is rich in silica and magnesium thus why is called SIMA.
c) SIAL forms the earth's continent while the SIMA form the earth's ocean.
d)SIAL is upper part of the crust means is above the SIMA but SIMA is the lower part of the crust means is found beneath the SIAL.
10 months ago
The differences are;-
1-SIAL is the zone of earth's crust which is compoosed of solid granite rock rich of silica and aluminium while SIMA is layer of earth's crust which is composed of balsatic eock rich of silica and Magnesium.
2-SIAL has a density of 2.65g/cc while SIMA has a density of 3.0g/cc.
3-SIAL forms earth's continent while SIMA forms oceanic floor.
10 months ago
The diferent between SIMA and SIAL are,
1, SIAL is the upper lager of the earth crust while SIMA is the lower lager of the earth crust.
2, SIAL is made up of cilica and alminum while SIMA is made up of magnesium and silica.
3, SIAL is laighter lager with density of 2.75g/cc while SIMA is ahavier lager with a density of 3.0g/cc.
4, SIAL is what form earth's continent while SIMA is what form ocean floor.
10 months ago
@masiko that density for SIAL and SIMA don't exist.
Edit before you post your contribution.
10 months ago
@mwanda larger or layer?
The density for SIAL isn't correct. Check your sources.
10 months ago
Ok teacher nimexha gundua nimekosea wapi
10 months ago
1. Sima as the oceanic crust rich in silca and magnesium while the sial rich in silca and aluminum.

2.Sima composed mainly the basaltic lava while the sial composed mainly of granitic rock.

3.Sima is relatively young than Sial, thus it is destroyed at subduction zone.

4.Sima is relatively denser than Sial, because an average density of sima is 3g/cc, while the average density of sial is 2.6g/cc

5.Sial sometimes known as Earth's continental and tend to lie above the sima while sima is known as Oceanic crust composing basaltic rocks with thickness of about 15km to 20km.
10 months ago
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SIAL and SIMA together are two sub layers of the crust, which is the thinnest of all layers. At which the thinnest of this layer ( crust) is about 6km under the oceanic water and between 30 to 50km on the continents.

Therefore, SIAL is the zone of the earth crust which comprises of soldiganic made it, these soldganic rocks ? are silica and aluminium. At which both together forms SIAL.

SIMA is the crust which composed of basaltic rocks with the thickness of about 15-20km and these rocks are black/ dark coloured rock, where these basaltic rocks are silica and magnesium.

The following are the differences between SIAL and SIMA which separated by the layer kwon as MOHOROVIC DISCONTUNUITY, which covered due to the increases of the earthquake waves due to its speed of five per second to 8km per second.

SIAL composed of silica and aluminium while SIMA are made up of silica and magnesium. They both consist of silica material but different in aluminium and magnesium.

SIAL is the upper layer of the earth ? while SIMA is the lower layer of the earth. This means SIMA is below after SIAL when digging inside the earth crust you meet with SIAL then SIMA.

SIAL made the continents example African , South America, North America and others, while SIMA made ocean floors example Indian ocean, Antactic ocean and others.

SIAL have the density of 2.7g/cc while SIMA composed the density of 3.0g/cc . This means both are different in mas or weight.

The above are few mentioned differences of SIAL and SIMA.

10 months ago
Sijali kabuche bahati @bahati
11 months ago

1.SIAL consist of Silica and Aluminum while SIMA consist of Silica and Magnesium

2.SIMA is found beneath SIAL while SIAL is found

beneath the Mantle

3.SIAL has density of 2.7g/CC while SIMA has density of 3.0g/CC

4.SIMA forms Ocean floor while SIAL forms Continents

Legani Clavery Nyoni @legani
10 months ago
@legani can such a simple answer give you enough marks for your test.
Read books and other sources to get more points.
This question can yield a page, full of writings.
10 months ago
10 months ago