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User Supports

How It Works

Connect Device: Visit Stayplain.com on your Computer, Tablet or Smartphone or Install Stayplain App on your Device via Google Playstore or Apple Store

Sign Up : Click on SIGN UP – Then fill all your details. Make sure your details are correct before you press submit

Yay! Done: Activate your account through your email verification. Now, connect with others and enjoy your account

Primary Support

Account Creation

Go to Stayplain.com or install the App, Click on Sign up, Fill your details, verify your account via email


You can Create, manage your ads, boost and optimize your AD to reach more users to achieve your results.

Boost a Boost

Click on MY ADS, load wallet through your payal or Credit Cards. Sellect a post you want to boost to reach more people fast (CPC, CPM, CPV methods)

Group Creation

Click on Create Group - Fill group address, group name, description, privacy and group joining Privacy then press submit

Account Edit

Click on your Profile - Select edit profile (Name, avatar, privacy etc. ) - Fill the required details then save it

General Forum

After clicked on the forum button, you can contribute to the question of others on the platform and at the same time, you can ask any question to get answers

Page Creation

Click on Create Page - Fill group address, group name, description,then press submit.

Event Creation

Click on EVENT from the left side menu, Click on START NEW EVENT - Write title, description, add date and time and submit

Target Place Post

Below the stream typing page, select which place you want them to see. Leaving location blank mean your post may show worldwide

Blog Creation

Click on blog from the left side menu, Click on NEW - Write title, description, add image, add hastag to reach more users then Submit

Ask Question

Click on question from the left side menu, Click on AS QUESTION - Write title, description, add image, add hastag to reach more users then Submit

Stayplain App Unique Features

  • Easy to Sign up. Detect and prevent users account from being Hacked
  • Connect Friends locally or Internationally using Google Map.
  • Apps you love. Awesome UI and lovely themes. Connect thousands of users together to share ideas.
  • Cross messages, chats, video and connect Friends to the existing Social Media Networks simultaneously.
  • Daily morning Devotion to the users of the the app
  • Integrated Google Map to display your Post to only your Target area of interest. GPS Tracking. Easily track your destination
  • Advertise your business and Products using Stayplain Ads (economical). The App cost is effective in terms of Bundle usage
  • You can automatically link your video to Stayplain so that as people view in stayplain it may be captured on YouTube as well at the same time.
  • Content Restrictions: Porn, guns, gambling related post or images not acceptable at Stayplain. If found, our system may detect and report you then we disable your account permanently.