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Anthony Kyei-Barffour (@chicat)
2 months ago

Actually, NO!

Civilization did not begin with Egypt. There were others before it.

The earliest civilizations may have been from the pre-flood era, around the time when the watchers came to the earth to make their habitation with men.

Nobody knows what they called themselves, but they were the genesis of human civilizations.

Corrupted by sin, they were getting ahead of themselves and God would have none of it. So he judged them with a flood and saved only eight people; Noah and his sons and their wives. Four men and four women. That early civilization lasted through about fifteen centuries, from the time of Adam.

As people began to multiply after the deluge, a new civilization would begin again under the headship of Nimrod. They too were getting ahead of themselves so God stepped in again and judged them and put a stop to their human foolishness, this time by confusing their tongue. for if they cannot understand one another, how can they cooperate?

Right after the incident of Babel, the first known civilization to have happened was that of the Sumerian one. The others would follow later, some occurring simultaneously because around the same time the Egyptians were building their civilization, those of the Indians and the Chinese were also developing. Likewise, while the Greco-Roman civilizations were budding, that of the Indians of the Americas, the Aztecs and Mayans etc were also happening, away from the eyes of every body in the then known world

How much interaction these people had is not clear but one common thread that runs through all of them was their fascination with pyramids and temples and chimeric images and were steeped in idol worship. My conclusion is that it was because they all had the knowledge and technology from the same source, that is the pre-flood era, and they carried it with them as they dispersed across the face of the earth. Some were just far more advanced than the others at their pace of development.

I watched a documentary by someone who does a lot of research into these things, and he is of the view that there is no telling the amount of knowledge and technology lost to humanity due to the flood and the confusion of tongues.

As noted earlier, Egypt was not the creator of civilization, as it came a bit later, and as one of the lot that would happen after the flood and the confusion of tongues, even after Sumeria.

It helps to note, that God through the prophet Ezekiel promised to humble Egypt such that it will never regain its former glory again, and to this day it hasn’t and it never will.

So for those of you Africans who keep looking to ancient Egypt with the hopes of riding on its back to fame and glory and greatness, like it once was, here is something little to ponder. The Egypt that once was will never be again until the end of time. That is what God has said.

What people should not lose sight of is this: Human civilization is getting ahead of itself once more. We have been at it for about 4500years now. A lot has happened within that period. The more knowledge we get, the more sinful we become and the more violent and hostile towards God.

Yet there comes a day of final reckoning, when God will not judge the world by a flood nor confusion of tongue, but this time with fire, to do away finally with sin and sinful men, where creation itself would be reborn in purity, in holiness and with perfection.

God has promised to restore all things. And if history is anything to go by, it is something we can bet our lives on.

Rauf Buriroverified
Morsi's government was not recognized in Egypt, and with the help of the United States, the Egyptian army overthrew President Morsi and established a military government that continues to this day.
2 months ago
@raufburiro how does this relate to the blog in question please?
2 months ago