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Anthony Kyei-Barffour (@chicat)
2 months ago

Everybody judges. No one is free from making judgments.

It takes judgment to differentiate between two or more things, and to pick one thing over another after you have successfully made a value judgment of all available options.

Making decisions requires judgment.

Buying something requires judgment.

Picking a place to stay requires judgment.

Choosing a partner also requires judgment.

Etc etc

Even the act of making friends requires you to judge between several other individuals to determine the one whose values align with yours, and which person offers the best value with less cost to you personally.

The only issue is that we judge differently. Some judge rightly and others don't.

Funfact: the ones who do not want to be judged by others are the ones who judge the most.

@chicat 👏
2 months ago
2 months ago