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Prophet Elisha Fiavi (@elishafia)
3 months ago

POEM: StayPlain: Strong and Innovative!

In the realm of cyberspace, she graces the screen,

A beauty called StayPlain, like a vivid dream.

Her presence shines brightly, a captivating sight,

A social media platform, strong with might.

Innovation her companion, forging paths anew,

StayPlain stands tall, with ideas so true.

She gathers hearts and minds, a digital embrace,

Connecting souls across the virtual space.

Her interface adorned with elegance and grace,

A place for users to find their happy place.

With features so seamless, user-friendly delight,

StayPlain leads the charge, with a beacon of light.

Through challenges faced, she remains steadfast,

For she's the vision of a future that'll forever last.

In the digital landscape, her influence profound,

StayPlain's beauty and strength will forever astound.

So let's celebrate her, this lady of fame,

StayPlain, a testament to the tech world's flame.

May she continue to thrive, forever innovate,

A platform beloved, we'll never underestimate.

Prophet Elisha Fiavi Sosu


Glorious Light Gospel Ministry International

@elishafia thank you for sharing!
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