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Anthony Kyei-Barffour (@chicat)
3 months ago

These are strawman arguments, and of the silliest kind.

Christians do not claim to be the only authority on truth.

We claim only Gpd and his Word to be the only authority on Truth.

And He is.

Christians do not claim anyone who opposes us is evil.

We claim anyone who opposes God and his Word is evil.

And they are.

Christians do not claim things will get better when we are in charge.

We claim things will get better when those in charge use God and his Word as their framework for all they do.

And it will, because where obedience to God goes, blessings are sure to follow.

It is why Werstern Civilization has far outpaced all other civilizations and contributed more to human progress and advancement than any other. The whole world is still reaping the fruits of Western Civilization. Talk of the Arts, Philosophy, Medicine, the Sciences, what have you. There is not a continent that has not been touched by the blessings of Western Civilization.

It is never about us(Christians), because like everybody else we are just as flawed. Even in our state of having found grace, we still the tendency to make very flawed decisions, and we have done so on many occasions.

The only difference is when we do, we look back to God and his Word and based on that try to do better, to make amends and to make restitution.

The fact is, it has never been about us. If it has ever been, we’d be trying to rule the entire world and we haven’t. If anything, we have left the world alone for the most part.