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New Music Alert 💣🔥💣. 'Mourn-key Village' from The S.E.T ft SGP is now out on Audiomack. Push the play button and listen
**We are in that part of the world where problems don't get better; Youths are no longer stronger; Children are no longer smarter; Mothers are no longer women; Fathers are no longer men; Where dreams .. Read more
4 months ago
Stop ‼️ 🛑
“Don't Wrestle With Time. Time is your GOD just set the alarm and see how it WORKS”. ~ Malike (@KwadzoIAm) The Brain Is An App Use It..🧠💪🏿.. Read more
11 months ago
Curate Your Ecosystem.
Surround yourself with people who are better than you, and you will see your work product and work ethic improve. You will start to set new and higher expectations for yourself and work to meet these .. Read more
11 months ago
Success Is A Series Of Small Steps.
Longevity is an excellent indicator of success. You can achieve it only by taking small, meaningful, consistent actions over time... Read more
11 months ago
Ignore The Critics.
Ask yourself why you let people you don’t even know feel as if they get to decide what you are fully capable of achieving. Moreover, why do you listen to them? Instead, ignore your critics and write y.. Read more
11 months ago
Success Looks Different...
Success is a moving target and constantly changing. As such, our definition of success changes over time. Don’t let a past description drive your current path... Read more
12 months ago
I Am The AWOL Soldier.
The Stubborn Child of His Mother 😉 An Activist A Revolutionist The SEER 🫡 Saluts Me; Anyday ‼️ 🫡.. Read more
12 months ago